a voting quandary...

It's pretty hard to keep up to date with all the local and state ballot initiatives and races when voting. So when it's a case of a minor race I know nothing about, my strategy is to go with the more entertaining name. Thus this year's IN superintendent of public instruction race left me with a stumper (at least in juvenile humor form, putting some levity into the serious nature of political races the last year)...the vote was between:

Richard Wood
Tony Bennett

shaky quaky

wow, that was weird. living here in central indiana that was strong for an earthquake (a 5 something in southern IL), didn't even know what it was ^^;;;;; thought a truck had run into the building ^^

2nd best is second rate..

even though it's fun to play, it still doesn't make it any better to finish second again, making it 0 for the last 97 events (with 7 seconds and 8 thirds) least a little victory in something? :P...

yay blood.

damn, accidental self-inflicted gashes to the knee sure do suck :P, especially when hitting the edge of a door frame hard and fast enough to produce a nice oozing bleeding wound :P
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random bar notes

bizarrely random time at the local pub last night. went to relax a bit while away from the apartment and play some ntn trivia. ended up being pulled over to have a drink with four nurses (bday party, so i was summarily dismissed later, but what the hey), and ended up meeting former notre dame championship winning qb Tony Rice (sorry Crow). just randomness.

pulling material onto the new pc slow but good so far. borrowing a plextor convert-x for vhs capture without my camera (seems pass-through advc is harder to find in camera models nowadays...)
Luckily barriers seem to be down now to keeping the motivation up

course after the cons, I still have to figure if i really want to replace the 360 or ps2

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apartment broken into, things taken, including everything i would use as hardware to put together Anime Hell, so as it's looking right now, I won't be doing it any more. just great when they take away the one thing i was really happy with..